Customer Successes

We are proud of the thousands of customers who have found success while engaging in our FSET program!

  Through 09/30/21,

8,877 jobs have been gained by program customers!

That is an amazing number, but more amazing are the people behind the numbers. Gaining employment is only part of the story of the many successes that occurred along the way.

FSET Success Story

Jon re-enrolled in the FSET program on July 20, 2021. Jon had been enrolled in FSET a couple of times in the past but had been disenrolled following completion of job retention periods due to being over income after gaining full-time seasonal jobs. Jon’s goal this time was to gain full- time employment that was year-round. Jon had in the past applied for employment at Walmart but had not been hired. Prior to re-enrolling in FSET Jon had connected with Walmart Human Resource personnel and asked to have a meeting with them to help with completion of the on-line application as this is what had challenged Jon in the past. This was added as an action step to Jon’s enrollment employment plan. At enrollment FSET inquired and offered support services including interview clothes and hair cut vouchers. Jon stated as had recently been enrolled in FSET that he still had appropriate interview clothes and was not in need of a haircut voucher. At enrollment, again as he had been recently enrolled in FSET, Jon stated he had a current resume and references and was ready to do job search. On July 30th, Jon reported that he had been offered full-time employment at Walmart as a Stocker start date of 08/03/2021 working 40 hours a week at $14.00 per hour. Jon was offered and accepted Job Retention Services including assistance with transportation costs as well as Job Retention Discussion Sessions. After Jon had worked at his Stocking position at Walmart for almost a month, FSET completed the Maintaining Employment Job Retention Session with Jon discussing potential challenges including bad winter weather, illness, and unanticipated issues. Jon came up with a plan to make sure that he can get to work for his work shifts and if not able to, has a plan of who he needs to communicate with at Walmart to advise if going to miss work due to unanticipated issues. At this appointment, Jon stated was a little concerned about his vehicle and would like to purchase a vehicle that would be more reliable. FSET provided Jon with the contact information for the WETAP program. Jon will continue to be supported by FSET through his Job Retention period which ends on November 1,2021. Congratulations Jon!

Employer Partner Success Story

Aaron enrolled in FSET with a primary goal of finding stable and full-time employment while contending with a justice involved background. 


One of the very first things Aaron’s FSET case manager, Jessica, did was assist him in acquiring appropriate interview clothes while also helping him navigate obtaining his driver’s license. In addition, Jessica worked with Aaron to gather his work history, establish references, and created a resume together.  Aaron also went through the process of obtaining a vehicle loan from another local community resource and lined up a reliable vehicle to ensure he could get to and from work on time. 


Soon after, Aaron was ready to begin actively searching for a full-time stable job. He completed an application to Crystal Finishing after Jessica shared valuable employer information learned from the employer partnership between FSET and Crystal Finishing. Jessica helped him prepare for his interview and Megan, Career Services Specialist, sent a direct referral to Crystal Finishing, highlighting many positive aspects about Aaron.  


As a result of Aaron’s hard work and focus, he was hired at Crystal Finishing for a full-time position in their Extrusion department!  FSET is continuing to support Aaron through his first 90 days of employment via one-on-one and financial support. 

Video Stories

Video Stories

Check out the Video Stories of Leon, Samantha and Jason.

Governor State of the State Addresses

2018 State of the State Address

Governor Scott Walker recognized two FSET participants at the 2018 State of the State address - one from the NorthCentral Region! Below is the excerpt from his speech:

Since we started requiring employment and worker training, more than 25,000 people have gained employment. People like Thomas from Stevens Point. Thomas had been working a series of seasonal jobs. With our training program, he now has a permanent job with MedXcel at St. Michael’s in Stevens Point and says it’s his dream job.

2017 State of the State Address

Governor Scott Walker recognized two FSET participants at the 2017 State of the State address - both from the NorthCentral Region!  Check out the video clip here!  Below is an excerpt from his speech:

In addition to student success and accountable government, people told us over and over again that we need to be rewarding work. Today, I am proud to report that more than 21,000 people have gone through our Food Share Employment Training program and are working in Wisconsin.

They are people like Sandy in northern Wisconsin. She was struggling as a single mother of four when she signed up for the program. Within weeks, Sandy had multiple job offers and is now employed full-time. Sandy's story is a model of success, and now she gives back, as a speaker and mentor in the Eagle River community.

And people like Leon, who now works in Wisconsin Rapids. Our program staff helped him get the skills he needed to be employed and now he has a dream of starting his own cleaning business.

2016 State of the State Address

In 2016, two other NorthCentral's customers, Jessica and Thomas were recognized by Gov. Walker at the 2016 State of the State address.  Watch that video here

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