From April 2015 through January 2024, 12,092 jobs have been gained by NorthCentral FSET customers!

This is an amazing number, but more amazing are the people behind the numbers. See below for a few examples!

Customer Success Stories

This Month's Story

Richard enrolled with the goal to find employment. During our time working together, Richard lost his housing and stayed in his car while he continued to work with FSET to find employment and housing. Richard worked diligently with the FSET program on a weekly basis to find employment. We created a resume together and actively reviewed the employer index for opportunities. FSET funded Richard’s birth certificate as a form of ID for future employment. Richard and I applied for many jobs together and prepared for interviews together. FSET issued interview kits including hygiene items in preparation for his interviews. We applied together for a Safe Link phone and Richard was approved and received the phone a few days later. Richard applied for Home Depot in appointment on 7/1/22 and CSS made a direct referral for Richard. Home Depot did not have that position open but said they would contact him if an entry-level position opened. He was offered a position on 7/28 for a part time Sales Associate position. After attending his orientation, he was formally offered a position 20 hours per week at $14.50/hour starting 8/10/22. FSET is supporting Richard in this job through a 90 job retention period – providing mileage reimbursement, shoes for work and case management. CSS also made a retention referral to Home Depot on Richard’s behalf.  Congratulations Richard!

Employer Partner Success

When Muriel enrolled in the NorthCentral FSET program, her main goal was to gain full-time employment in a more fulfilling job while gaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


Muriel’s case manager, Ruthie, began to work with Muriel on her resume. They polished up her resume to best represent everything she had to offer. In addition, they began prepping for future interviews working on common interview questions and the STAR method of interviewing.


Once completed, Muriel applied for both an Office Assistant and a Medical Receptionist position at Aspirus. Because Northcentral FSET has a strong partnership with Aspirus, a direct referral was sent to them on behalf of Muriel. Muriel began practicing for a possible interview when she learned that she wasn’t chosen to interview for those roles.


All was not lost, however! Aspirus reached out to Career Services Specialist, Megan, shortly after and advised that they had a newly posted Office Assistant and Registration Coordinator position open and welcomed Muriel to apply for those positions if still interested! Ruthie reached out to Muriel and she was excited for the opportunity.


Muriel did apply for the positions and was offered an interview for the Registration Coordinator position. Muriel interviewed well and was offered the job!


FSET continues to support Muriel during her job retention period at Aspirus.


Congratulations, Muriel!

Video Success Stories

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Governor State of the State Address

2018 State of the State Address

Governor Scott Walker recognized two FSET participants at the 2018 State of the State address - one from the NorthCentral Region!

Below is the excerpt from his speech:

Since we started requiring employment and worker training, more than 25,000 people have gained employment. People like Thomas from Stevens Point. Thomas had been working a series of seasonal jobs. With our training program, he now has a permanent job with MedXcel at St. Michael’s in Stevens Point and says it’s his dream job.

2017 State of the State Address

Governor Scott Walker recognized two FSET participants at the 2017 State of the State address - both from the NorthCentral Region!  

Check out the video clip here

Below is an excerpt from his speech:

In addition to student success and accountable government, people told us over and over again that we need to be rewarding work. Today, I am proud to report that more than 21,000 people have gone through our Food Share Employment Training program and are working in Wisconsin.

They are people like Sandy in northern Wisconsin. She was struggling as a single mother of four when she signed up for the program. Within weeks, Sandy had multiple job offers and is now employed full-time. Sandy's story is a model of success, and now she gives back, as a speaker and mentor in the Eagle River community.

And people like Leon, who now works in Wisconsin Rapids. Our program staff helped him get the skills he needed to be employed and now he has a dream of starting his own cleaning business.

2016 State of the State Address

In 2016, two customers from NorthCentral FSET, Jessica and Thomas, were recognized by Gov. Walker at the 2016 State of the State address.  

Watch that video here

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