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Our Career Services Team specializes in our local labor market. They have formed connections with local employers to facilitate opportunities for FSET customers. They also work with labor market experts to gather the best information available about the trends in the NorthCentral Region.

 Ronda Seubert

 Career Services Specialist

 (Adams, Portage, Wood)

 (715) 315 - 0191



 Megan Stanchik

 Career Services Specialist

 (Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Vilas)

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 Let's Talk Labor Market


Can I Find Employment During a Pandemic?

Due to implications of the spread of COVID-19, the face of the labor market and job searching has changed drastically in recent weeks.   It does not mean, however, that your job search has come to a complete stop.  In fact, as some industries have stopped hiring or are taking time to reassess their needs and how to fulfill them, others are busy ramping up their hiring because of the drastic shift of employment needs in the labor market. 

Positions employers are immediately hiring for include healthcare workers, cleaning services workers, delivery drivers, grocery stockers and cashiers, and gas station and pharmacy associates. Be aware that this new hiring process will be slower, but it is still active. For those companies who are not hiring today, remember that they will resume hiring practices in the near future. 

Therefore, it is important to keep your job search practices up-to-date and active.  Whether you are looking for a transitional job to pay the bills right now or are focusing on continuing your job search for a position you truly want down the road, staying productive and positive in your search is key.

Below are some helpful tips for searching for a new job during COVID-19: 

1).  Build Your Network  It is important to continue to network and build relationships with potential employers.  This can be done from calling, emailing or researching companies online who you hope to work for, whether now or later when more companies begin hiring again.

2).  Be a Problem-Solver  While searching, it is also important to keep a helpful attitude.  Think about how you can help the employer in their time of need instead of focusing on how they can help you.  Highlight your skills to employers; show them how your skills are transferable to the ones they need right now during this pandemic and how you can be a problem-solver for them.

3).  Become Very Familiar with Applying On-line  Instead of applying for jobs in person, you will now need to focus your search on-line through job search sites such as CareerBuilder or Indeed, in addition to using other forms of social media and applying directly on company websites.  Indeed.com has listed positions that are urgently hiring and have added a pandemic notation to their job postings pages.

4).  Get in Front of the Camera  Almost overnight, interview methods have also changed.  Employers are mainly conducting interviews via phone or video.  This means you will need to adapt to an interviewing style you may have little or no experience with.  Practice your interviewing skills with and without a camera before doing an actual interview with a hiring professional.  You will need to become familiar with video technology such as Skype or Zoom.  When practicing, pay close attention to your position in front of the camera, the lighting, sound, and background, as well as how your outfit appears on camera.

5).  Stay Educated  Now is the time to put more focus on your professional development.  Update your resume and cover letter, and add to your profiles on job search sites like Indeed or LinkedIn.  The time is now for continuing your learning.   You can brush up on the second language you already know, or begin learning a second language for the very first time.  With extra time, you can develop your Microsoft Office skills, math skills, or identify your skill gaps to build on them and make them stronger for when the hiring market opens back up.  Don’t forget to record all of your self-development and learning on either your resume or cover letter.

6).  Focus on You  Through all of this change, don’t forget to take care of yourself.   Make sure to eat well, exercise, socialize with family and friends (while practicing safe social distancing), read, meditate or do any other activities that bring you joy.  Continue to be patient, positive and productive and know that we are here for you. 

Contact the FSET office – we can support you in your job search and answer your questions during these challenging times.  Watch for new positions and job searching resources on MyFSET.net as they are updated regularly.  You can also find job openings on the Job Center website at jobcenterofwisconsin.com.









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Employer Spotlight

For over 2 years, Salelytics has been successfully working with and supporting Northcentral FSET and our customers. 

Salelytics, located on the west side of Wausau, is a leading 3rd-party provider of inside sales and communication for their clients. They are committed to helping their clients drive sales, increase market share, and strengthen relationships with their customers. They are also a recipient of the Bubbler Award for Best Workplaces for Young Professionals.

There are a lot of perks to working at Salelytics. Employees enjoy a workplace culture with:

  • Charity Fundraising Events
  • Company Organized Gatherings
  • Team Food Days
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • A Caring About People Fund
  • An Activities Committee
  • Casual Dress
  • Potluck Days, Recipe Contests & Food truck Round Ups
  • 96% of Sales Managers are promoted from within
  • Over 3 weeks of PTO in first year along with 10 paid holidays
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Flexible Spending (Health Care & Dependent Care) and Health Savings Account

Currently, Salelytics is is hiring for Sales Professionals at their Wausau facility.

For full listing of jobs available, visit Salelytics’s Career webpage here.


If you are interested in working in a call center-type setting and have a sales approach to your work, Salelytics may be a perfect fit for you! Please reach out to your FSET Case Manager if you are interested or have any questions.





To see more Employer Spotlights, please visit our Archives page!

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Hot Jobs

The following are the most in-demand fields in the NorthCentral Region:

Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Sales, Manufacturing

Registered Nurses

General/Operations Manager

Medical Assistant



Insurance Sales Agents


Construction Workers

For more information, click HERE.

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Unemployment Rates

NorthCentral Region Rates

Unemployment statistics pulled from Bureau of Labor Statistics run by the United States Department of Labor. For more information, go to https://data.bls.gov.

(not seasonally adjusted)

 CountyMar '20
 Feb '20
Jan '20





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Referral Spotlight

Dawn enrolled in the FSET Program in July and completed a temporary job w/ a local staffing agency. In October 2019, Dawn completed her temporary position and was back to job searching.

Dawn began meeting with FSET in early October more frequently. She updated her resume, practiced interview skills and completed job applications with the support of FSET.

Dawn’s FSET Case Manager referred her to apply with Salelytics in Wausau. Dawn completed the application and a direct referral was sent by the Career Services Specialist.

Dawn completed two phone interviews and an in-person interview all in October and was officially hired by Salelytics on 10/24/19 and started on 11/8/19.

Dawn was very excited for the career field change as she had a background in Manufacturing. She is still employed with Salelytics and doing well in her new job.

Through 4/30/20,

3,981 individuals have gotten jobs in the NorthCentral FSET Program

Fastest Growing Jobs (per North Central Workforce Development Board)

Please head to the NCWDB's website for more data regarding the NorthCentral region!

As you can see, many of the fastest growing jobs are entry level positions, and they pay a lower wage. But don’t let this discourage you if this is not what you want to do long-term! Everyone needs to start somewhere.


Keep in mind that all these positions allow you to gain experience and knowledge that you can take along with you as you travel along your career path.


All of these industries are growing and have a lot of potential. Click on the links below to view graphics showing possible outcomes from starting out in some of the industries noted above!

Janitorial/General Cleaner


Personal Care Worker


Retail Sales

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