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Our Career Services Team specializes in our local labor market. They have formed connections with local employers to facilitate opportunities for FSET customers. They also work with labor market experts to gather the best information available about the trends in the NorthCentral Region.

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Let's Talk Labor Market 21-04


How to Find a Job When You Have a Disability


Searching for a new position is not always an easy road to travel. If you have a disability, you may encounter additional complexities, but there are assurances, tips, and resources that can provide layers of support as you pursue your dream job.


If you have a disability, whether visible or not visible, there are federal laws to protect you when searching for a position. “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 makes it illegal for employers to ask job candidates about their medical history during a job interview. More important, it requires employers to provide ‘reasonable accommodations’ to qualified job applicants or employees. A reasonable accommodation is any modification or adjustment to a job or work environment that will enable an employee with a disability to perform essential job functions.” The ADA does not require you to disclose a disability to employers or potential employers, but if you choose not to do so, employers are not required by law to make accommodations for you.


Because an employer cannot ask you about your disability, if a job application asks questions like “Are you able to perform the essential responsibilities of the job with reasonable accommodation?” and “Are you a person with a disability?” with answers like “Yes,” “No,” and “Prefer Not to Disclose,” remember that you have the choice to disclose or not disclose this information. Employers may ask such questions to provide statistics for their affirmative action data, but it is your choice in how you answer these questions.


When beginning your search, keep in mind that you are the one who determines what you need to share, and when to share it. You do not need to reveal your disability on your resume or in your cover letter. Rather, you only need to share your qualifications for the position you are applying for. If you decide to disclose information about your disability, what should you mention before, during, and after the interview? There are no right or wrong answers for when you should reveal your disability, but when making the decision that is best for you, consider the following:

  •        Before the interview: If you have a visible disability, it may be helpful to share this early in your search. Bringing it up before an interview may be beneficial, especially if you need accommodations to arrive at or complete the interview successfully. Additionally, the focus of the interview can be solely on your skills and qualifications.
  •      During the interview process: If you disclose your disability during the interview, you can still keep the focus on your qualifications and skills for the specific position you’ve applied for. Highlight any unique strengths, perspectives, or experiences that you bring to the table, and let your confidence show in your interview. 
  •      After the interview: If you land the job and need adaptations to make your work-life easier, consider discussing your disability prior to starting your new job. Doing so before your first day of work may allow you and your employer to be equipped with what you need to perform your job functions. 

Remember, legally employers are not able to bring up any concerns you may have about accommodations for the job. If you choose to disclose your disability, you are opening the door to the conversation on how the employer may have to adapt the office layout, your schedule, or work responsibilities within the team. Most employers are eager to create a flexible and adaptive work environment for their employees.


In fact, the NorthCentral FSET Program has relationships with employers within our region who understand and embrace individuals’ unique job search journeys. If you have any questions about how to find a job with a disability, contact your NorthCentral Region FSET case manager. We have the resources to help guide you in your search.













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Employer Spotlight

Weinbrenner Shoes is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the footwear industry.  It is an employee-owned company established over 120 years ago by Albert Weinbrenner, who was the son of a German immigrant and cobbler.  He began an apprenticeship, working with his father, when he was 13 years old and at the age of 27 started his own cobbler business in Milwaukee with his business partner Joseph Pfeifer. 


Today Weinbrenner has manufacturing plants located in Marshfield and Merrill.  They have collected countless patents for footwear safety and comfort designs, and manufacturing technologies.  They are constantly exploring new opportunities to improve safety, comfort and performance in every product they make.  Innovation and craftsmanship have always been at the heart of the success of Weinbrenner Shoes.


Weinbrenner Shoes is a partner employer of the NorthCentral Region FSET program and employs a number of participants in FSET.  Current openings at both locations include Production Employee and Operators, Janitorial positions as well as Building and Grounds Maintenance positions.  Positions include full-time hours and are first shift only at the Marshfield location.  The Merrill location has full-time positions, both first and second shifts.  Part-time hours are also available at both locations.


If you are interested in applying for a position with Weinbrenner Shoes in either Marshfield or Merrill, check out their current openings on the Wood County and Lincoln County job leads pages on www.myfset.net or go directly to their website at https://weinbrennershoe.isolvedhire.com/jobs/. 

If you need help with your application, contact your case manager as we are here to help you through both the application and hiring process! 




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Referral Spotlight

Joseph enrolled in FSET seeking assistance with obtaining a full-time sale position. His past employment provided him with great skills and experiences to be successful with a new employer and FSET was able to connect him with local employment opportunities.


Joseph quickly obtained employment with a local staffing agency, but the position was temporary. He continued to meet with FSET while employed receiving support with clothing items and transportation.  When this placement ended FSET assisted him with updates to his resume, interview prep, and obtaining interview clothing through community partner, Career Closet.


Utilizing FSET employer contacts, Joseph and his case manager explored job customer service positions. It was shared by the CSS team that United Health Group was hiring for Customer Service Representatives and Joseph said he was interested in applying. Through this connection his FSET case manager was able to help him prepare for what to expect after submitting his application including interview prep via the information provided on the Employer Profile for UHG. The CSS team also sent a Direct Referral to UHG on behalf of the customer and case manager to further increase Joseph’s chances of obtaining a job.


Joseph was offered the position with United Health Group and started in his role at the end of April. Congratulations, Joseph!


Through 04/30/21,

4,444 individuals have gotten jobs in the NorthCentral FSET Program, with 8,339 total jobs attained.

Hot Jobs

The following are the most in-demand fields in the NorthCentral Region:

Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Sales, Manufacturing

Registered Nurses

General/Operations Manager

Medical Assistant



Insurance Sales Agents


Construction Workers

For more information, click HERE.

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Unemployment Rates

NorthCentral Region Rates

Unemployment statistics pulled from Bureau of Labor Statistics run by the United States Department of Labor. For more information, go to https://data.bls.gov.

(not seasonally adjusted)

 CountyApr '21

Mar '21

Feb '21





 Wisconsin   4.3   

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Fastest Growing Jobs (per North Central Workforce Development Board)

Please head to the NCWDB's website for more data regarding the NorthCentral region!

As you can see, many of the fastest growing jobs are entry level positions, and they pay a lower wage. But don’t let this discourage you if this is not what you want to do long-term! Everyone needs to start somewhere.


Keep in mind that all these positions allow you to gain experience and knowledge that you can take along with you as you travel along your career path.


All of these industries are growing and have a lot of potential. Click on the links below to view graphics showing possible outcomes from starting out in some of the industries noted above!

Janitorial/General Cleaner


Personal Care Worker


Retail Sales

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