We have gathered important information about the local labor market to help job seekers understand the current trends in the NorthCentral Region. Check back regularly for updates!

Career Services

CSS Team

Our Career Services Team specializes in our local labor market. They have formed connections with local employers to facilitate opportunities for FSET customers. They also work with labor market experts to gather the best information available about the trends in the NorthCentral Region.

 Ronda Seubert

 Career Services Specialist

 (Adams, Portage, Wood)

 (715) 315 - 0191



 Megan Stanchik

 Career Services Specialist

 (Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida,   Vilas)

 (715) 216 - 0144


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Let's Talk Labor Market 20-01


Job Search Resilience: It's About How You Perceive Things

For many people, the complex process of searching for a job can be a very difficult and challenging stressor.  It can include a series of polarizing events that culminate into feelings of defenselessness, isolation and fatigue.

But – that’s if you let it.  You can’t choose the challenges or setbacks in your job search, but you can control how you react to them.  Landing a job can be a life-changing event, and the journey throughout the process can make more of an impact on who you are than you ever imagined.

Looking for a new position can take longer and be more grueling than what you may originally anticipate. The ups and downs, hits and misses can get you going in the wrong direction or even make you want to stop moving in any direction. 

So what keeps us on track? Resiliency is what allows you to continue. It’s the inner desire that says you are not a failure but rather are an overcomer.  Resiliency allows you to move past the roadblocks and is where character and drive come from.  It keeps you moving when you don’t want to and keeps you on the lookout for what is ahead, what is better, and what feels like the right fit.  It allows you to fail and learn, all the while keeping the belief in the big picture and focus on what you are doing. 

In order to build up job search resiliency, consider practicing the following steps:

1)    Take care of yourself.  Eat well, get plenty of sleep and rest, and exercise regularly.  Take breaks from your search to clear your mind and refocus with a new, enlightened attitude.

2)    Keep trying. Don’t give up – stay the course and stay positive.  There will be good days and bad days, days with calls for interviews and days without calls. Keep all your options open – there is a job for you, but it can only be found when you keep searching. Consider taking a career, skills or strengths assessment – such as those on MyFSET.net or the StrengthsFinder assessment – to further expand your options by focusing on your strengths and jobs you may have not previously considered.

3)    Don’t take rejection personally.  During a job search, it is easy to beat yourself up and think “if I only…” Often, rejection it is not about you personally but rather about the specific business needs of the organization.

4)    Have a support network.  Turn to others – family, friends and various programs, such as the NorthCentral Programs – for pep talks, distractions, and feedback on your job search materials such as cover letter, resume, and interviewing style.

5)    Ask for professional feedback.  Find out from the employer you applied with why they are not pursuing you further.  This type of feedback will not only help you become more self-aware but will also prepare you for the next steps in your search.

6)    Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.  Every situation can be a game changer. You may gain stronger interview skills or learn how to better word a tricky departure from a company on a job application. Each opportunity can provide you with more knowledge, skills and connections. 








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Employer Spotlight

ABR Employment Services and the NorthCentral Programs have been partnering together since September 2019 to provide employment services to community members. Here is ABR’s perspective on how their services can benefit you:


Since our doors first opened in 1987, ABR Employment Services has helped facilitate thousands of game-changing connections for people looking for Industrial & Office Support Positions and Professional & Executive Positions at local businesses while supporting our communities.


We deliver the exceptional service our job seekers and clients crave – service that has been honored with ClearlyRated®’s Best of Staffing Award ten times out of the program’s 11-year history. In fact, ABR Employment Services is the only Wisconsin staffing agency with multiple branch locations, with a location nearby in Schofield, WI, to consecutively receive Best of Staffing® awards.


We’re in Your Corner. Let’s find your ideal position!


Do you feel like your resume gets sent to a ‘black hole’ every time you hit “apply”? You crave a response and individualized job search support, and that’s just what you’ll get from us. From day one, we’re committed to your success. We’ll provide the tools, resources and connections to help you land your ideal position in a manufacturing or office setting.


Ready to find a position in the Northcentral Region you can feel excited about? Let’s go!

Discuss with your FSET case manager if you’re interested in pursuing a job with ABR Employment Services. NorthCentral Programs and ABR are partners to support you every step of the way!

To see more Employer Spotlights, please visit our Archives page!

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Hot Jobs

The following are the most in-demand fields in the NorthCentral Region:

Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Sales, Manufacturing

Registered Nurses

General/Operations Manager

Medical Assistant



Insurance Sales Agents


Construction Workers

For more information, click HERE.

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Unemployment Rates

NorthCentral Region Rates

Unemployment statistics pulled from Bureau of Labor Statistics run by the United States Department of Labor. For more information, go to https://data.bls.gov.

(not seasonally adjusted)

 CountyDec '19 Nov '19October '19





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Through 1/31/20,

3,825 individuals have gotten jobs in the NorthCentral FSET Program

Fastest Growing Jobs (per North Central Workforce Development Board)

Please head to the NCWDB's website for more data regarding the NorthCentral region!

As you can see, many of the fastest growing jobs are entry level positions, and they pay a lower wage. But don’t let this discourage you if this is not what you want to do long-term! Everyone needs to start somewhere.


Keep in mind that all these positions allow you to gain experience and knowledge that you can take along with you as you travel along your career path.


All of these industries are growing and have a lot of potential. Click on the links below to view graphics showing possible outcomes from starting out in some of the industries noted above!

Janitorial/General Cleaner


Personal Care Worker


Retail Sales

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